The need for higher bandwidth has introduced MPO/MTP cables that can accommodate up to 24 fibers on the same connector. These cables, with multiple fibers inside, can support 40G, 100G and up to 400G transmissions over the same patchcord.

– MPO: Multi Fiber Push-On

– MTP: Multi Fiber Termination Push-On (from USConnect manufacturer only)

Both connectors are similar in appearance and 100% compatible and interchangeable with each other.

Cubitel MPO cables are offered in different fiber types OM3, OM4 and Singlemode OS2.

– OM3, up to 100m @ 40G

– OM4, up to 150m @ 40G

– OS2, designed for long reaches in MAN and PON networks.

Cables prepared for indoor with LZSH or RISER sheath or for outdoor or metro installation according to your needs.

MPO Trunk Cables

– With MPO connectors (Male or Female) at both ends available in 8-to-144 fibers. Primarily intended for 40G-40G direct connections.

MPO patch cables (MPO Breakout)

– Breakout cables with MPO connector on one end and 4,6,8 or 12 duplex connectors on the other (typically LC but SC, FC, ST possible). Mainly designed for 40G(4x10G) or 100G(4x25G) connections and from backbone to rack/ODF in cabinet.

MPO conversion cable (Multi-MPO)

– Cables terminated with MPO at both ends. To split or convert MPOs from 24 fibers (to 2x12F or 3x8F and vice versa). Suitable for 10G-40G, 40G-40G, 40G-100G, 40G-120G connections.

Polarity in MPO cables

This is an aspect of utmost importance and deployment must always be carried out according to the correct polarity of the optical circuit.

The TIA568 standard defines 3 polarities:

– Method A: Straight pinout, pin to pin (1-1, 2-2,…12-12).

– Method B: Inverted pinout (1-12, 2-11,…..11-2, 12-1)

– Method C: Crossed pinout in pairs (1-2, 2-1, …11-12, 12-11)

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