We are expert and leaders in the design and manufacturing of cablings, patchcords and system solutions for Telco RJ21 50 interconnections

We design, assemble and supply all type of Telco 50 cables according to your project and deployment needs:

  • Telco RJ21 50 Cable – to Free end for crimping on patch panels, OBA, ICT and similar.
  • Telco RJ21 50 Cable – to – 24 x RJ11 or RJ45 (plugs) to directly attack equipment.
  • Telco RJ21 50 Cable – to – Patch Panel in 24 x RJ45 female jacks.
  • Telco RJ21 50 Cable –to – RJ21 , all configurations possible: Telco RJ21 50 Male, Female, straight 180º, angled 90º, 45º with screws or Velcro according to your needs.
  • Telco RJ21 50 panels for balun or E1 , E3 applications.

All type of configurations available: PBX, VDSL, VG224, Cisco, SMC, Avaya , SmartNode, Patton , VoIP etc.